Shiksha Sambal

Shiksha Sambal project aims at quality teaching of Science, Maths and English (SEM) subjects and is now reaching out to more than 7800 students in 60 Government schools. The project places additional teachers into schools and builds a strong conceptual foundation among students using innovative learning techniques and activities such as group learning, worksheets, learning camps, science fairs, etc. The class 10 results were a huge reaffirmation of this investment with significant improvements in results of SEM subjects. The project is being implemented by Vidya Bhawan. The table below shows the change in % of schools which had pass rate of over 70% in these subjects in 2016 (base year) and 2018 (current year).

Subject 2016 –

% Schools With >70% Pass Rate

2018 –

% Schools With >70% Pass Rate

Science 76 99
English 86 100
Maths 62 72