Sulphuric Acid

We produce 98 % concentrated Sulphuric Acid at our production facilities in Chanderia, Debari and Dariba in the state of Rajasthan.

Plant Locations & Installed Capacity

  • Dariba, Rajasthan – 0.6 Million Tonnes annually.
  • Chanderiya, Rajasthan – 0.6 Million Tonnes annually
  • Debari, Rajasthan – 0.3 Million Tonnes annually

Applications of Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric Acid is used in production of Single Super Phosphate Fertilizers/Zinc Sulphate/Phosphoric Acid/LABSA for detergent/Chemical Gypsum for Cement Industries/Metal Industry/Speciality Chemicals/ Dyes etc. for all spectrum of Industries

General Product Information

Product Name Sulphuric Acid
Other Name Oil of Vitriol
Molecular Formula H2SO4
Molar Mass 98.08 g/mol
Appearance Clear, colourless, odourless oil
CAS Number 7664-93-9]

Specifications (IS 266 – 1993)

Total Acidity 98.0 % min
Residue on Ignition 0.2% max
Iron as Fe 0.05% max
Lead as Pb 0.005% max
Arsenic as As 0.004% max

Specifications (IS 266 – 1993)

Density and phase 1.84 g/cm3, liquid
Solubility in water Fully miscible (Exothermic)
Melting point 337°C (610 K)
pKa -3.0 1.99
Viscosity 26.7 cP at 20°C

Acid Marketing Office

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