Water Management

We have a long term approach to water management that aims to improve our performance, recognize the significance of water and contribute to sustainable water management. Water being one of the key natural resource and is of the utmost importance for our operations as our operating units are located in Rajasthan which is water scarce state. Hence, we understand its importance and adopt best practices for making the judicious use of water and conserve it.

We follow Zero-discharge at all our operating locations and we maintain it at all our operations focusing on reducing fresh water consumption by –

  • Use of less water intensive technology
  • Optimization of process water
  • Recycling wastewater through treatment in Effluent Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant and Multiple Effective Evaporator
  • Rain water Harvesting
  • Sewage Treatment plant for recycling domestic effluent at township
  • Sewage treatment plant on Public Private Partnership Model

We have a robust system to undertake and monitor our water conservation initiative/actions. Our concerted efforts have reduced fresh water consumption at all units.