Waste Management

We focus on ‘4R’ waste strategy – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Reclaim and ‘Eco-friendly’ disposal of process residues.

At mines, waste rocks generated from mine development are used in the construction for strengthening the embankment of tailing dams. Tailings generated from ore beneficiation process is reused for backfilling of mine through paste fill technology and rest disposed in a safe manner in tailing dam.

At smelters, Jarosite is the major waste generated from hydro metallurgical process and slag from pro-metallurgical process. At Debari Zinc Smelter Jarosite is disposed in eco- friendly manner in Jarosite Secured landfill after neutralization with lime. At Chanderiya and Dariba Zinc Smelters, Jarosite is stabilized as Jarofix after treatment with lime and cement and then disposed in lined Jarofix disposal yard. Other process residues are disposed in our captive secured land fill or at common hazardous waste disposal facilities. Slag is sold to cement manufacturer.

On Going Research

  • Metal recovery from Tailings (Zn, Pb & Ag)
  • Use of Jarosite in cement industry
  • Use of Slag/ Jarofix in Road construction
  • Production of CuSO4 from Cu matte produced at DSC Lead

Fly ash and bottom ash are the major waste, being generated from our captive power plants. Fly ash is being sold to cement manufactures and bottom ash is sold to brick manufactures.

More opportunities are being explored for gainful utilization of waste in eco-friendly manner.