Energy Management

We focus on efficient use of energy which is one of the most critical resources today. Our energy sources are both direct and indirect which includes Coal, Fuel Oil, High Speed Diesel, LPG, Propane and Grid power. Reducing energy consumption in all forms is an integral part of our business strategy that focuses on reducing our carbon foot print, while we have adopted best resources and efficient energy utilization technologies to reduce our energy consumption such as:

  • Use of waste heat for energy recovery,
  • Installations of variable frequency drive across operations,
  • Use of energy efficient motors, right capacity motors etc.
  • 16 MW Solar power plant and 200 kWH rooftop solar plant for in-house use
  • Conducting energy audits and implementation of recommendations.

Over the years with the in-house excellence and focused approach towards energy conservation, our rigorous efforts have led to reduction in energy consumption.