Biodiversity Management

Hindustan Zinc has Mining operations which impact on biodiversity and ecosystem all the way through the mining lifecycle from exploration to closure. As a mining company, our impacts on biodiversity can be also a source of business risk.

In view of this as a responsible mining company it is our prime responsibility to comply with biodiversity regulations at local, national and international level, and also ensure good practice in biodiversity management according to international voluntary standards such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is an integral part of HZL’s commitment to sustainable development. We have a separate policy on Biodiversity and we stay committed to prevent risk on biodiversity throughout our business. To comply the policy we have taken following initiative:

  • Biodiversity assessment study has been conducted at all locations and all units are having biodiversity management plan (BMP).
  • Developed a nursery for endangered species of Rajasthan at RAM and Kayad.
  • Developed a Peacock Conservation Park at Kayad Mine
  • Artificial Bird Nesting & feeding across all HZL units
  • Development of water pond for birds at PMP.
  • Development of butterfly garden at PMP.
  • Development of peacock & herbal bank at township of HO, Udaipur .