Air Emission Management

Hindustan Zinc’s mining and processing activities have the potential to emit a number of emissions into the air, including particulate matter (dust), sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. We recognize that such emissions can have an impact on people and the environment, and we work to control and reduce our emissions through facility design and the use of emission controls, including dust suppressant, dust collection systems, and scrubbers. As part of our regular environmental monitoring, we record the stack emission parameters, including, particulate matter (PM), SOx and Nox.

We make all efforts to keep our emissions in control by improving our operational processes and by increasing efforts on awareness drives. As a best practice management, we have installed an online effluent and emission monitoring system connected directly to the servers of Pollution Control Board.

Dust is another pertinent problem that we deal with in our mining areas and we take all appropriate measures to minimize the emissions. Concentrates transported to smelters in trucks are covered with tarpaulin cover that eliminates release of dust while transportation. We also take appropriate measures to extract dust settled on roads by daily sweeping using mechanical sweepers. . We also have mechanized sprinklers installed at ore loading points and throughout the ore transportation channel from the mines to the mills. We are also applying chemical dust suppressant along with water spray on haul roads to reduce dust generation and water consumption.