Some ignorances are not bliss…

Though we started this initiative to explore usages of Zinc, but with every research on Zinc, our trust on this metal is only increasing. My curiosity has lead me to search for Zinc in everything I use or consume. It is not about identifying the health problems or corrosion issues, it’s about why certain health problems are preventable or early curable, and why, corrosion did not take place across number of buildings, bridges, electrical poles, automobiles and temples in so many decades.

We don’t use toothpaste anymore that does not have Zinc. While taking any multi-vitamin, antiseptic, oral care medicines, we make sure it has Zinc in it. It is a tonic for my skin, nutrition, strength to paints and for healthy hair. While buying any steel item, post verifying SS symbol, the next question is whether it has Zinc coating or not.

We have become spokespersons for Zinc. Our watches, mobiles and other equipments, using batteries, has to have only Zinc batteries.

The usage of Zinc in the Moon Buggy and for Space Crafts are only justification of the trust and respect this metal governs across various usages.

For once, I am continuously exploring properties and usages of Zinc, and not because I work for Hindustan Zinc.

Why this metal is the 4th most sought after metal is now understood. Why mankind searched for it in ancient times so rigorously is also known now. The only difference is, in

the ancient times the wisdom was more predominant than today, as today, the benefits of Zinc have been further identified and explored.

And now since I know, I ASK FOR ZINC..

Truly, Zinc is in our lives. So live with it, why without it.

Wondering, even after knowing so much, approximately 1/3rd of the world’s population lives in areas of high-risk of Zinc deficiency.

Some ignorances are not bliss..