Securing our emergency services 24×7

Lead batteries maintain our transport and distribution networks efficiently, secure critical information and provide contingency power supplies to safeguard lives, property and resources in an emergency.

When the power goes out, the lead batteries make sure that the Internet remains on. Big technology firms including Google rely on the backup capacity of the lead battery to secure large electronic data repositories. Lead battery energy storage systems help manage electric grid variability and keep communication and data networks in operation 24/7. Lead batteries’ capacity to provide an uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) helps fuel global growth in lead battery output. These systems also manage electric grid variability to maintain consistently accessible communication and data networks.

Lead batteries are among the most important times of operation. They provide vital backup strength for emergency management teams in times of crisis. This includes energy for emergency lighting, mobile communications systems, and the batteries dependent on saving lives to power the vehicles’ first responders. The military is also relying on lead batteries to provide helicopters with onboard power and to keep our troops safe by providing backup power during the outages. They are saving lives in hospitals around the globe by providing emergency backup power during temporary power outages for life-saving equipment.