iPhone Uses Zinc Alloy Based Chargers – Our lifelines – our phones need Zinc to charge…

Did you know that your mobile phone chargers contain zinc in the form of zinc alloys, which makes it strong, tough, durable and have a high impact strength. Zinc is the easiest metal to cast with high ductility, can easily be plated, is economical for small parts and promotes a long life. Specific Zinc alloy connectors are easy to plug and fit snug, corrosion & wear resistance, and do not get loose easily or fall off USB hub.

Zinc alloy based iPhones cables have Apple’s MFI certification (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad certification) and give the unparalleled strength and long life that everyone looks for.

Today, Zinc alloy based cables form a huge market where they can be used in Apple and Android handsets alike.

And you thought Zinc is only used for infrastructure, medicines, toys, cosmetics, tyres, nutrients, fertilizers, automobiles, toothpaste, space-crafts, batteries, paints, bridges, electrical poles, temples, for hair, for eyes, for bones, for skin, for brain development, for memories ……….etc…. it is also used in Mobile Phones……