Ensuring Self-reliance

Nearly 90% of all lead batteries in the world are recycled, and a new lead acid battery contains 60 to 80 percent recycled lead. The lead battery industry’s national circular infrastructure focuses more on self-reliance, with less need for importing any other materials.

Lead batteries are a technology that is well established, economical and primarily domestically sourced. The industry has a large, coast-to-coast network for generating, storing, processing and reusing lead effectively. Among other battery chemistries and sectors, this sector is a blueprint of exponential economic growth. Compared with other energy storage chemistries they provide superior cost-benefit value. The firm base of the lead battery industry in the marketplace equips it with the sensitivity and scalability needed to meet the needs of renewable energy storage in our region.

The lead battery industry is a leader in creating a circular economy. The industry’s closed-loop process and remanufacturing process make it a model for other battery chemistries – and industries – in how to responsibly design, make, use, recycle and remanufacture materials.