Does your toothpaste contain Zinc?

Zinc is generally recognized as a metal that is heavily used for construction and galvanization purposes. Other than the industrial applications, Zinc plays a significant role towards dental hygiene. Bad breath or halitosis is caused when there are signs of tooth decays, which produces sulphur compounds that are reasons for foul odour. Mouthwash might mask the problem for some time, but won’t fix it. Brushing the teeth regularly is the remedy to remove the bacteria causing malodour.

Here is where Zinc steps in.

Zinc and chlorine dioxide when used in toothpastes help treat bad breath. Zinc stops the enzymes from breaking down the amino acid, that makes sulphur; while chlorine dioxide kills the already formed bacteria. This prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and gastroenteritis, which are all associated with bad breath.

Tomorrow morning when you go to brush your teeth…. Check…. ‘does your toothpaste contains Zinc?’