Amusement Parks’ Crucial Need for Galvanization…

When riding in an amusement park, the first thing that comes to mind is THRILL and the second – SAFETY.

Steel begins to corrode when it is exposed to the atmosphere and amusement parks have both, humidity and salinity. Often the corrosion is blatantly visible and is an eyesore to the surrounding areas. But at times corrosion is unknown and is only blamed after a mishap or a tragedy. Thus, it is crucial to protect steel structures like roller coasters, race tracks, carnival rides, sporting arenas, water parks etc. by providing them with a protective coating. Hot-dip galvanizing is the best choice of coating since it is vital to the overall performance, safety of the structure and durability. Also, providing aesthetic appeal and maintenance-free performance, Hot-Dip Galvanization keeps the rides functioning comparatively with less service interruption.

World-class amusement parks like Universal Studios, New Jersey Pier, Vacances Val-Cartier (largest winter amusement park in North America), Grand Canyon Skywalk etc. all amusement park-ride manufacturers, around the world, use galvanized steel to protect their structures and foster safety.