An Overview

Sustainability is an integral part of our business.

We believe in driving long-term sustainable economic development and value creation for our stakeholders by protecting the health and safety of our people and community, minimising the environmental impact of our operations, respecting human rights and sharing benefits with the community.

We have taken a holistic view in setting our sustainability goals 2025 and over the next five years, we will focus on expanding the work towards creating positive changes. We do not view our goals as independent targets, but rather as a collective scorecard that requires tangible progress across different functions.

The set five-year goals provide us with significant opportunity to improve our performance and will also enable us to focus on reducing the negative impacts across our value chain.


Goals 2025

0.5MN tCO2e

GHG emission savings in our operations from base year 2017


Water-positive company and achieve 25% reduction in freshwater consumption


Increase in gainful utilisation of smelting process waste


Throughout the life cycle


Work-related fatalities and 50% reduction in TRIFR

Positively impacting


lives through social, economic and environmental outcomes


Diversity in an Inclusive and diverse workplace


responsible sourcing in the supply chain

Stakeholder Engagement

Knowing Our Stakeholders Better

We are committed to creating enduring value for all our stakeholders. Our approach is to regularly engage in intensive and extensive dialogue with stakeholders to better...


Identifying, Assessing and Addressing Issues that Matter

In an ever-changing operating scenario, now more than ever, it is extremely important for us to not only be cognisant of, but also to address, the issues that have the potential to create or destroy value. Therefore, we undertake a detailed materiality assessment once every three years.

This exercise plays a pivotal role in the way we frame our strategy. During FY 2018-19, we engaged a third-party consultant to carry out a detailed assessment involving an extensive set of internal and external stakeholders.

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Health and safety of our people is our top priority and we try to make our workplace


Water is a key natural resource we are dependent on.


Tailing dams malfunctioning can cause huge environmental impacts and that is why

Human Rights at HZL

Approach to Human Rights

Human Rights at the Company, upholding people's fundamental rights is central in our everyday business operations. At a minimum the Company will comply with all applicable local, state and national laws regarding human rights and workers’ rights where the company does business.

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Environment Management

Ensuring Responsible Utilisation of Natural Resources

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Goals and Achievements

Meeting our Sustainability Goals

Performance In Fy 2019-20

focus area

Health and safety at our facilities
Environment stewardship within our facilities
Community around us
Supplier and contractor management
Health and safety at our facilities
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