Environment Management

We are committed to the principle of sustainable development throughout the business of metal production. Most of our sustainability risks are related to environment. We demonstrate responsible stewardship by reducing our environmental footprint and meeting community expectations to support sustainable development. We constantly look to improve our performance through consistent implementation of various initiatives and projects.

While keeping its focus on performance, HZL has never deterred from its commitment to society. Our commitments are:

  • We are committed to sustainable use of natural resources in our operations i.e energy, water, raw materials etc.
  • Minimize waste generation using 4R concept i.e. reduce, reuse, reclaim, recycle & also work on gainful utilization of wastes using eco-friendly methods
  • We believe in responsible stewardship towards biodiversity management at our all operations and try to prevent where possible, minimize and mitigate biodiversity risks throughout our businesses
  • Reducing Green House Gas emission and energy consumption in all forms is an integral part of our business strategy that focuses on reducing our carbon footprint.