Zinc Football (ZF)

Hindustan Zinc has initiated a massive program directed at achieving grassroots development as well as excellence in football in Rajasthan.

  • ZF Schools (Football for All) – Uses football as a tool for social development and ensuring young kids have a platform to express themselves through football. With the philosophy that “every child should have an opportunity to play”, ZF has set up 12 community football where 350+ boys and girls receive football training by certified coaches.
  • ZF Academy (Football for Excellence) – Nurturing talent to develop future football stars for the country. At the heart of this initiative is a Residential Academy with world-class facilities at Zawar and the country’s first ever ‘technology-hinged football training’ centre. The Academy is currently training 40 children where they are coached using innovative training programs with equal emphasis on learning and playing.
  • ZF Youth Tournament (Football for Talent Hunt) – This year, for providing equal opportunity to 5000+ boys and girls of U15 years age of Rajasthan, Zinc Football introduced biggest tournament of the state that will serve as a formal platform for children to be inducted to the ZF academy and to promote football culture in state. The phase 1 of ZFYT ended with participation in 5 zones of Rajasthan and with 1400+ boys and girls.