Road Safety

Safety is very important in all operations across HZL, both within the company and in the supply chain. It is a good practice that we are taking to stakeholders like communities in our neighbourhood and beyond to other stakeholders. It is a collaborative effort by the Fire Safety, Medical and CSR Departments of HZL. Programs focusing on Road Safety and First Aid (and also Fire Safety) are regularly organized by HZL for school children, rural women, contract workers, staff of NGO partners and non employees.

Two wheelers are popular modes of transport in the areas around our operations. While it is compulsory for everyone using a bike during duty hours and within HZL premises, to wear a helmet, the culture of helmet use is usually lax in communities surrounding our operations. This lapse in safety often results in avoidable injuries and sometimes even death. Because we care, HZL is carrying out a campaign to distribute 10,000 helmets to non contract workers and non employees. Since having a helmet does not ensure that it is used. A campaign to encourage helmet use has also been launched.